Healthcare Demand is Skyrocketing: Are you Ready?

Patient volumes rise and fall, but your budget is a straight line. Patient-to-staff ratios must be set to maximize quality of care, but you need flexibility to protect your organization’s bottom line. In a highly competitive healthcare marketplace with chronic clinician shortages, it’s time to rethink how your staffing gets done.

We hear you.

Supplemental Health Care delivers quality talent through a broad array of flexible staffing solutions. We work with you to determine how to most efficiently meet your medical staffing requirements while raising your level of care. We also understand the challenges you may have faced with previous staffing organizations. That’s why:

  • We maintain a database of more than 4 million highly-qualified candidates.
  • We focus our talent strategy on both engaging—and retaining—the smartest, most capable clinical staff possible.
  • We maintain more than 60 local offices and 4 national travel divisions to deliver talent on demand and meet any circumstance.
  • We continue to build our business around the partnerships we develop with our clients—we don’t just want your order; we want to help you develop a strategic relationship to keep pace with all of your fluctuating staffing demands now and in the future.

Supplemental Health Care’s comprehensive offerings provide you with a variety of workforce solutions designed to meet every staffing situation and need.  Whether you're a single-site facility or a nationwide healthcare network, we can help you improve your workforce coverage and operational effectiveness, while reducing staffing costs.

Contingent Staffing

Supplemental Health Care provides compliant healthcare professionals for short/long-term assignments, including both local and travel.


Managed Services

We manage all clinical and non-clinical staffing vendor activity within a single program, typically utilizing VMS technology.


Direct Hire

Our staffing professionals source, screen and present healthcare professionals for full-time and direct placement.


Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it.  Check out our latest case studies to learn more about the impact our workforce solutions can deliver.


Travel Nursing and Allied

We help fill your personnel gaps by utilizing highly skilled nurses and therapists with 13-week contracts.


PRN Pool Management

We administer existing personnel assets to ensure optimal resource utilization and cost effectiveness.


Schools Division

Our company will help you find the staff you need with the skills you want for your school. We offer long and short-term contracts for nursing and therapy needs in school systems across the country. 


Put Us to Work For You

Learn more about the programs, processes and technology that help us deliver operational excellence and successful workforce solutions to you.